Barry McCullough

Artist Statement

My work pushes boundaries by distilling an initial view of what others may see as ordinary into a series of pure shapes, colors, lines and tones. Rather than an attempt to replicate the original scene, my work may signify, among other things, symbols which reveal a fresh new way of seeing the ordinary.

When a moment of extreme curiosity, or compulsion draws me into the subject, I sometimes sketch on location, take photos for further reference and exploration, and I may also use watercolor to take color notes. I then work on the final painting in my studio.

Since color and form revealed by the ever-changing light are what I most celebrate, I may go back to the original site affording me different light with variations and echoes of what originally attracted me to the subject. My interior world is washed in colors of and by wind, rain, mists and soft sun, all experienced from life in Ireland, times in the Peruvian Amazon, Hawaii and now Southern California, all with their own particular nuances and contrasts of light.

To achieve the colors I’ve envisioned, I work in acrylic because it dries quickly enough that I’m able to explore ever deeper into the shapes, colors and tones and their relationship to each other. Working in layers, allows me to constantly refine these relationships.

My paintings, drawings and photographs represent my experience of moments in time and place. That they do not depict ‘real objects’ which matter little to me. I work with fleeting profound impressions, like painting from dreams.

My aspiration is that my work allows for discovering that the extraordinary can often be found in the ordinary. It is possible to “re-see” our mundane in a completely fresh new way.

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